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A Domicile of Love

February 2, 2009

Spending quality time together with your children is beneficial, but many a time it is not always handled wisely. Having lunch at McDonald doesn’t count if it doesn’t involve communications that strengthen a relationship. Staying home during the weekend does not count either, if each room is capable in fulfilling the entertainment needs of both children and parents. Quality time, according to many worthwhile experiences, refers to times SHARED by all family members, partaking the common interests (can be anything:- cooking, cleaning, watching favourite movie, decorating, wedding preparation, singing, sharing thoughts and feelings, etc) and developing the special relationship of a family. Therefore, activities/choices of entertainment can’t be delighted in the bedrooms of a house, but rather in the “Family room”.

A “Family room” differs from a “Living room” by the variance of ‘a mess’ and ‘a formal-get-together-room’. Yes, a mess! It is a place for family members to mess things around and create a lifetime memory in every corner of your Home. Similarly, a “House” and a “Home” varies between ‘a shelter’ and ‘A Domicile of Love’. In the hope of a healthy family relationship, a shelter, therefore, is not sufficient. Each of us, including children, has the need of belongingness- a place for them to turn to, be it for good or bad reason. As parents, we ought to provide them with the domicile to return to anytime, and they must know that they are always welcomed with love- hence known as the ‘domicile of love’.

There are a few suggestions to create a lively home, a place where children (and adolescence) would love to be at all times:

  • Do not have television in the bedrooms (not even master bedroom!)
  • Invest in your family room, and make use of it!
  • Never lock your door unless needed, as that would hinder your children from coming to you.
  • Never place the computers in your children’s bedrooms, unless you want to see them hiding most of the time.
  • Eat together.
  • Cook together.
  • Clean together.
  • Play games in the family room.
  • Please be home.
  • Never, I repeat, NEVER ignore your loved ones who demand for nothing but more love.
  • Remember, an extra-marital affair will “kill” your family. Losing a family for another is a “vicious cycle of unhappiness.”